Services- Exit Coaching Packages

Business Exit Coaching will help you create and execute a strategy that allows you to exit your business on your own terms!

Our planning process, combined with proprietary assessments and discovery tools, help you identify planning solutions to meet your specific needs.  With the help of a Business Exit Coach focused on your business and your plans, you can implement a systematic process that will provide the tools and resources you need to accomplish your goals. Whether you plan to sell in a few months or a few years, Business Exit Coaching can help.

When is the Best Time to Sell?

The best time to sell a business is when conditions around the business are strong and the future looks bright.

Getting the best price for your business is not about being a tough negotiator, it’s about readiness and preparation.  Preparing your business for the sale is vital to achieving your goals.  You’ll have only one opportunity to sell, so take your time and plan carefully.  There are many factors that have to be considered, some will be out of your control, such as the marketplace, the current money market, the economy… But there are numerous steps that a seller can take to improve the overall position of a business in the marketplace. This is where Coaching with Business Exit Coaching comes in.  You’ll get the information you need to make strong decisions regarding the future of your business.  Want to discuss your current situation?  Please contact me to schedule a no-cost, no-obligation Discovery call.

Strategies for Selling…

Time kills all deals. The longer it takes to complete a business sale transaction, the less likely it’ll happen.  Unfortunately for sellers, once the process is started, it’s impossible to hit the ‘pause’ button and buy yourself more time.  Maybe a buyer brings up an issue you could have easily remedied had you known it might be important, now it impacts negotiations and likely the sales price.

Planning and being prepared for a business sale is of utmost importance. There are often long-term implications in the details of a business transition, ones that will determine if you look back on the deal with contentment or regret.

As an Exit Coach, I take a broader and more personal approach with business sellers… in addition to the standard areas of review for a potential business sale,  we’ll take time upfront to analyze and consider the overall approach that will work best for you.  If you’re curious how Business Exit Coaching can help you and your business, schedule a no-cost, no-obligation Discovery call with me to discuss….

Financially tailored packages

Value Exit

$950/One-time payment
  • Business Review Package
  • (2) 60 min. Skype calls
  • Initial Business Assessment
  • Create Action Plan
  • Business Review – Readiness
  • Professional Resources Review
  • Buyer Search Strategies
  • How-to Options for Selling

Exit Ready

$3500 /One-time payment
  • 90-Day Package
  • Bi-Weekly 60 min. Skype calls
  • Assessment, Plan of Action & Review
  • Confidential Business Summary Report
  • Weekly Strategy Session- Buyer Search
  • Review Planning- Logistics
  • Resources & Financing Options
  • How-to Options for Selling

Elite Exit

$4950/One-time payment
  • 6-Month Package
  • Bi-Weekly 60 min. Skype calls
  • Assessment, Plan of Action & Review
  • Buyer Avatar, Marketing & Advertising Strategy
  • Confidential Business Summary Report
  • Review Planning- Logistics, Support, Resources
  • Deal Management- Financing Options
  • How-to Options for Selling

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