About Business Exit Coaching

Business Exit Coaching is about Strategy.

Business Exit Coaching combines preparation and planning in order to boost the value and sellability of a small business.  As an Exit Coach, I work with business owners who want to sell their business in the next few years, but they may not be sure where to start.

I assist sellers in developing strategies that are rooted in execution.  My process can help increase the value of a business while expanding options, so an owner can transition on his/her own terms when they are ready.  The focus is always on aligning the business, personal, and financial needs of the individual business owner.

The business opportunity marketplace is ever changing and very competitive. With the sheer volume of sellers hitting the market due to the baby-boomers looking to retire, competition in the marketplace increases every year.  As a business seller, you’ll need to draw the attention of qualified buyers,  those who have adequate resources to purchase your business and for this, you’ll need to be prepared.

Exit Coaching can also help avoid some of the common mistakes that result in huge amounts of money being left on the table, sometimes thousands of dollars…  My experience as a Business Broker clearly showed that those who take the time to evaluate their businesses and make the appropriate changes before selling, will reap the rewards. That’s just one of the reasons I now Coach business owners, to help guide them through the process.

Business Exit Coaching offers clients customized services focused on their business and their individualized needs.  I look forward to helping you develop a plan that is well-suited for you and your business and focused on your success!

Connie Kelly- Business Exit Coach

profile of Connie Kelly

As a Business Exit Coach, Certified Business Broker (CBB) and Entrepreneur, I have worked with countless small business owners and high-level industry professionals. As a successful Intermediary and trusted business confidant, I have provided clients business valuations, negotiated business sale transactions and managed business acquisitions in numerous industries including Service, Manufacturing, Automotive, Hospitality, Healthcare, and Franchise opportunities.

With over 20 years experience in business, I have helped clients create new business opportunities, develop and improve their existing systems and procedures. I helped clients raise levels of understanding, confidence, increase sales and income for their business, which in-turn allowed them to enjoy ongoing success.

In addition to my professional work experience with business owners, I value education. I am professionally trained Business Development Coach. I have received advanced training in business and financial coaching. I’m skilled in business analysis/valuation, negotiation, and Mediation.

Be Prepared for a Competitive Marketplace.

National statistics show that over 70% of business sellers never find a buyer!  This unfortunate reality is due to many factors, including sellers that overprice a business, a business that hasn’t been correctly packaged and prepared for the marketplace or an unrealistic deal structure that just doesn’t make sense to potential buyers. The goal of Business Exit Coaching is to help Business Owners plan, prepare and position their business in the marketplace.

When it comes to a business exit, there are really only three options: sell it, give it away or liquidate it.  Working with an experienced Business Exit Coach will allow you to make informed decisions regarding your business exit, you’ll know what your options are so you can be prepared for the process, from start to finish. Business Exit Coaching can help you develop a plan that’s right for the marketplace, set realistic goals and then put your plans in action. Business Exit Coaching offers a no-cost, no-obligation Discovery call…call and schedule your call today! 

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